Starting a blog.

I have decided for multiple reasons that I want to start a blog. Which I am hoping serves as a travel blog in the future for some, a digital travel journal to keep my loved ones up to date and for myself to reflect on every adventure with every post I write.
I am not done the blog yet completely so it probably seems goofy to be writing a blog entry so prematurely. Truth is, the blog title still hasn’t come to me yet but I am eager to get the blog started. So I decided to try a different route and see how it works.

In a week Phil and I will be moving to Australia. We are moving out of our apartment, packing our backpacks and heading to Australia on one year working holiday visas. In hopes to plant trees and pick fruits and vegetables while learning about and enjoying the country. We start in Melbourne, well..Sydney really I guess.
With a 10 hour layover in Sydney we have the day to explore the city! From there we are headed to Melbourne to meet up with some of my family.

 I’ve had other social sites and blog accounts but I have never used a site like wordpress. I am very excited to get started on here as well as a little nervous! At one point I didn’t even know if I was going to continue with the blog idea but thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert I didn’t let that idea run from me(seriously, read her book Big Magic..or all of them!). I realized what the blog could serve; a place of reflection for myself and a way to keep more people up to date in an easier way for both of us. I can’t wait to send snail mail, gifts and postcards to my friends and family back home or when I get the opportunity to talk online or over the phone. Until than, I am hoping a blog will keep us connected.

1 week.
I am going to miss you folks so much.





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