9 days.

It is January 17, 2016. 9 days before we leave for Australia.

We spent the evening with my family celebrating a late “Christmas”/going away get together. Not having a lot of extra cash, I decided to cook dinner for family to gift them. It felt great seeing their faces when they took their first bites. It was a tough day. I love cooking and have cooked for large amounts of people before (much larger than the 5 tonight) but was also a part of a team. Tonight was a bit different being in charge and having Phil’s help (thank goodness, thank you!).

Untitled(thanks mama bear!)

It was a beautiful day outside and as upset that I was that I wasn’t spending the day outside, I am grateful to have spent the day in the kitchen and have taken a nature break with Phil between the madness.

This week we make snow angels, next week we make sand angels?

Love Mudpuppy ☮


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