Catch the Sun.

It is our last day in Canada for possibly a year.
We packed up our apartment on Friday, spent a couple nights at my parents and headed down south to get the rest of our last family visiting in. Everything keeps coming to me in waves; nausea, nerves, excitement and the realizations of how real this is all beginning to feel.

I am focusing on the small pleasures over the last couple of days. Snowshoeing with Phil, burning my old journals in the snow and catching the sun.
My Uncle Hal catching us seconds before we left and how grateful I felt that our paths crossed at that moment, how the stars aligned for that to happen.
Visiting my grandmother and Aunt Mira, how much peace I feel in their presences. Their calm mannerisms leaves me with a feeling of serenity.
Driving around with my Aunt Mryna who was gracious enough to drive us around so we could see everybody. Receiving unexpected messages from people I care a lot about but haven’t physically communicated with in too long because of family fueds. Or when the clouds opened just enough to let the moon shine full and bright, and allowing us the opportunity to see it, share it and take that moment to be grateful.

Just ride the wave.

The next time you hear from me we may be on a new continent. Let’s blow this popsicle stand!

Breathe. Meditate. Relax.



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