61 Days.

As of today we have been in Australia for 61 days.

Blogging has proven to be extremely difficult. My intent with this blog was to keep a travel journal, to keep loved ones up to date. I however quickly learned how difficult it was going to be. I did not travel with a laptop, I brought a cheap tablet and work from an app. An app that doesn’t always want to work (hence my half finished blog).

I often times also feel at a complete loss for words. I’m living this experience and am not sure how to put any of it into words. I do wish to keep blogging, to make it more of a regular thing. We have found ourselves lost for a lack of a better word right now. There isn’t much inspiration for writing when feeling stuck.

We have moved from Victoria to New South Wales to start working. We did a work stay for our first two weeks here and we loved every minute of it. We’ve recently started another job, love the job but are finding other parts difficult. A lack of a vehicle is proving to be a big issue, along with our dwindling funds. It’s all a storm of things, I am just waiting for the after storm..when the sky begins to clear.

The biggest lessons are remaining grateful, learning to stick together through the toughest times.

Learning to trust that it’s all going to work out.

Upset that my image uploader will not work on the app. To follow my travels through pictures join me on Instagram @heartofariver


Love Mudpuppy




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