New Opportunities

Shortly after posting yesterday’s blog entry we received the call we’ve been waiting for. We are going TREEPLANTING! I am ecstatic for this opportunity. One of the final decision makers to come to Australia was the chance to go treeplanting. I had a burning desire inside me to plant trees down under, to learn how … More New Opportunities

Day 84

It seems that we may have new jobs in the coming week, we are waiting to hear from a guy that will finalize it I guess you could say. I have been trying to keep myself occupied until then, which involves many trips to the beach.our current living situation becomes more socially uncomfortable almost daily, … More Day 84

Gift Envelopes

For the last couple of weeks I have been creating what I like to call Gift Envelopes. Traveling and working abroad can have its difficult moments. I’ve recently faced unemployment and we are finding it difficult to get by. From the rent, to the high costs of living in Australia and my student debt back … More Gift Envelopes

The Earth Heals

I took some time to go to the beach early yesterday morning. Took my camera and photographed my way there, allowing myself to take my time and not worry about making somebody wait on me. It was a rejuvenating visit. As I swam in the ocean, danced in the sand and spoke aloud to Mother … More The Earth Heals

Catch the Sun

Yesterday we went to town to pick up a few things and get out of the house. I’m in the works of creating what I like to call “surprise gift envelopes” that will contain handmade goodies and other surprises. I am hoping to sell a few online in the coming weeks. One of the things … More Catch the Sun

“I wish I could close my eyes and forget about this part of the trip”. When you are gone for a year you are of course going to face difficulties. Little did we expect it to be so soon. I believe we learned a lot of important things during this part of the journey but … More

Finding Balance

Sometimes we are given this time away from everything else to focus on ourselves. So we can go back to things stronger, calmer..grounded. With clarity.  Finding balance between work and play. I’ve been thinking about the message of the Otter a lot, don’t forget to have fun. Lighten up and don’t take life so seriously … More Finding Balance

MiYesterday turned out to be an interesting day. Well more interesting that it has been lately I guess. Due to multiple things it was brought to my attention that my vitamin b12 levels were low (this is not my first experience with that). The bus doesn’t run all day here and we had to figure … More