MiYesterday turned out to be an interesting day.

Well more interesting that it has been lately I guess.

Due to multiple things it was brought to my attention that my vitamin b12 levels were low (this is not my first experience with that). The bus doesn’t run all day here and we had to figure something else out so I could go to the pharmacy. Fortunately, things happened to work out and Aboss drove us into town on his way home.

Our first stop was  for some pizza! We didn’t anticipate the early lunch pizza stop but I’m sure glad we did it. Was no wood fired pizza but still damn delicious.

Next stop, the pharmacy. I get overwhelmed easily in situations like that (mostly why I deal with a naturopath back home) and wasn’t sure how to go about what I was looking for. It just so happened that there was a naturopath at the pharmacy that day for a few hours. I was fortunate enough to talk to her, tell her a bit of my history and what I did before working with a naturopath back home. We got it all sorted out and my b12 levels grateful for that whole happening.

With some time to waste before having to get groceries and catching our ride home we decided to go to the beach. We walked off towards the tidal pools where nobody seemed to be. I immediately start looking at rocks and shells. In my trance of being so concentrated on the ground beneath me, Phil suddenly grabbed my arm and said “Kayla!”. I had no idea what I was about to look up at and it turns out it was just a little kangaroo hanging out in the tidal pools right there beside us. He never left, was just curious. It was incredible to watch him go about his day while only being a few feet from him.

On the walk back I happened to find the biggest piece of sea glass I have been lucky enough to find! It was a great way to end that experience. The little gifts you are blessed with when taking that time to tend to yourself.

It was just a day I want to remember, so I’ve simply posted it here so I can’t forget. Take good care of yourselves.

Love Mudpuppy


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