Finding Balance

Sometimes we are given this time away from everything else to focus on ourselves. So we can go back to things stronger, calmer..grounded. With clarity. 

Finding balance between work and play. I’ve been thinking about the message of the Otter a lot, don’t forget to have fun. Lighten up and don’t take life so seriously all the time.

Don’t allow this prescious time to slip away.

What might seem like a dead end or has you feeling lost is really an opportunity to get ready for the next thing. Be grateful for this time to work on your own needs. Often times we get so caught up in making a living we forget how to just simply live, we forget how to take good care of ourselves..we rid ourselves of happiness worrying about everything else.

It’s an opportunity to come back feeling rejuvenated.

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.                                        -Marcus AureliusIMG_20160228_080048

Love Mudpuppy


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