Gift Envelopes

For the last couple of weeks I have been creating what I like to call Gift Envelopes.

Traveling and working abroad can have its difficult moments. I’ve recently faced unemployment and we are finding it difficult to get by. From the rent, to the high costs of living in Australia and my student debt back home.

We are currently in a very small town with no other employment options for me. We are making it by but are working hard to be able to move so we can find other employment.

In hopes to raise some money I’ve created these Gift Envelopes that I am selling through my etsy account, that I was using to sell my macrame jewelry with back home.

Each envelope contains a handmade friendship bracelet, paper beads, some of my favourite recipes, 2 bags of my favourite tea,a colouring page, black out poetry and a few other surprises.

For $7 CAD I will send an envelope anywhere in the world. (The shipping will be deducted from the $7). Please check out my etsy and maybe buy an envelope to help us keep going.

(Ships from Australia but is in CAD because my account is set up with my Canadian bank account)

Thank you for making dreams come to life!


Instagram: @heartofariver 


Love Mudpuppy


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