Day 84

It seems that we may have new jobs in the coming week, we are waiting to hear from a guy that will finalize it I guess you could say.

I have been trying to keep myself occupied until then, which involves many trips to the beach.our current living situation becomes more socially uncomfortable almost daily, there are a lot of frustrations building. The beach feels like the only “safe spot” for my mind.

A few nights ago I wandered down to the beach alone to clear my head. I was going through and looking at rocks as I do and was greeted by a dog named Bullet who wanted to play fetch. I assured his owner that I was alright with it and spent my time at the beach playing fetch.

Truth is, I was more than alright with it. It is exactly what I needed.

Yesterday was the first full day without rain in days. Once Philter got home from work we went to the beach. Who did we see there? Bullet. What are the chances. It felt good just to see him, a reminder of the peace he brought to me during that difficult moment.

Our time in this spot is coming to an end. For the first time in my life I am not upset by this even the slightest. I am eager to move on from this.



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