New Opportunities

Shortly after posting yesterday’s blog entry we received the call we’ve been waiting for.

We are going TREEPLANTING!

I am ecstatic for this opportunity. One of the final decision makers to come to Australia was the chance to go treeplanting. I had a burning desire inside me to plant trees down under, to learn how it is done here, to plant different species of trees, to learn the differences and similarities to planting back home.

I am ready to learn as much as I can about treeplanting here and can’t wait to get my first tree planted in Australian soil.

After many difficult weeks we were able to push through.

We went to he beach after receiving the phone call for one of our best beach trips yet. After swimming for what may have been hours we wandered to the otherside of the beach where the tidal pools are.

The tide was low and we had the chance to walk around, watch kids catching shrimp and taking pictures of the fish with our underwater camera.

I feel good.

Instagram: @heartofariver


Love Mudpuppy




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