Thinking of going to Australia?

Whether you are thinking of going for a couple weeks or a year maybe I can be of help.
I will start by saying, go for it.
That is a pretty blunt answer, maybe not helpful you are thinking but allow me to elaborate.

Let’s begin with my own journey.
16 months ago I stumbled across a job ad for tree planting in Australia.I had planted trees for the 2 years prior to that and was beyond excited to have found this ad. I told my partner, Phil, about the ad and he told me we should go for it. Within a couple weeks we applied for our working holiday visas, got accepted, moved out of our apartment and flew to Australia to live there for the next 12 months. It was one of the rashest decisions I have ever made in my life but it was also one of the best decisions.

I am creating this blog to connect with travelers, other bloggers and to share my experience; tell you about my favourite spots, good eats and give some helpful tips along the way. If you are at all interested in something particular or have a topic I would love to talk! Over the next while I will be going back through my journey and sharing it one step at a time, post for post. I am excited about this because now that our year in Australia is over and I find myself back at home (Canada) I can share my experience from a different perspective. I am looking forward to getting down to business and getting the post going! Hope you will follow me along my journey 🙂
With much love,

Instagram: @heartofariver






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